About & Care

The Daily Bottles.


Eco-friendly glass fruit and tea infuser water bottles.

Double walled high strength glass with organic bamboo lids.

Make your own fresh & delicious vitamin water in minutes.

The bottle for all your daily hydration needs.


Too much plastic is bad for our planet and our own health. Daily Bottles aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics with our durable, reinforced, double walled glass bottles.


Bottle Storage and Care:

Your Daily Bottles are made of strong, durable, eco-friendly glass. These double-walled hydration stations are glass, so like regular glass products, they need to handled with care.

Daily Bottles are made with glass, and also bamboo. As the ends of your bottle are bamboo, they may dry out like any wood product. Be careful and only hand wash the bamboo portions of your Daily Bottle.

After washing your bottle, store it with the lid/bottom off. This is to allow air to flow through the bottle and keeping it fresh, fry, and reducing smells. We want to avoid moisture build up inside your Daily Bottle during storage.

Carbonated drinks can be delicious, we recommend using your Daily Bottle for bubbly beverages as a glass only, and not screwing on the lid as this may build up pressure causing breakage of glass or seal. 

When adding hot water to your Daily Bottle, either let the boiling water sit for a 1 minute, or add 1/4 of the bottle with room temperature water before filling. This will reduce unnecessary heat stress on the glass. Let steam rise from the bottle for 10 seconds before screwing on the lid.

To keep your Daily Bottle clean and fresh we recommend using an anti-bacterial dish soap mixed with warm water.
Also remember not to freeze your Daily Bottle!

Any additional questions about Daily Bottles and care email us at [email protected]